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I know and love Portland and its many neighborhoods. And I believe there is magic in matching people to homes and neighborhoods that suit them to a tee. I truly appreciate this region and spend as much time outdoors, hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, and walking. I also love the access we have here to music, dance, theatre and the arts.

Being an integral part of our community is very important to me. I’ve raised a family here, really feel like I am immersed in this amazing environment we live in, have been involved in multiple real estate transactions of my own, and am passionate about my volunteer work for organizations committed to helping those in our local community thrive.  


Giving Back




Every time I help a client buy or sell a home I make a donation to New Story, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build individual homes around the world, transforming slums into communities. With over 1600 built and counting, these homes provide safety and consistency, which unlocks the potential needed to thrive.




What My Clients Say

We were first time home buyers and we had no idea what the process would be like, what to expect, or what buying a home entailed. It is so much more complicated than we thought at first, and Stacy was incredible at helping us through the entire process!

First I just want to say that Stacy is an amazing human who sincerely cares about her clients. Through the whole process I felt like she gave us very sound advice, was very knowledgeable about Portland neighborhoods and surrounding areas, and she worked sooooo hard to get us into a home! I can’t say enough good about her. She came out to show us houses when she was sick, when she was in the middle of remodeling her own home, and basically whenever we saw a listing for a house we wanted to see. She went out of her way to get us to houses just listed so we could get an offer in early.

The Portland market is really rough right now for buying and after a while I was ready to give up. Stacy instilled me with confidence that we’d find a place, and that when we did it would be the perfect first home. When I saw the home we ended up buying, Stacy worked tirelessly with us and with the listing agent to write an offer that won us the house. There were 6 other offers on our home, and only because of her experience in writing offers that are super appealing to buyers did we get our home. We COULD NOT have done it without her! And I would never choose anyone else to go through the process with. She became a friend and an ally in the crazy search to buy a home in the hotbed that is PDX.

She has kept in contact with us and made sure we are settling in and loving it. Stacy knows what she is doing, and she will be the friendliest and wisest person you could choose to go on this adventure with.

Thank you, Stacy!!!!!!
— Jennifer Ziegler-Morris

Stacy was an astonishing agent and was instrumental in getting us our house in a very challenging market. She was skilled, thoughtful, strategic, charming, and simply wonderful to deal with. We cannot say enough good things about her. We highly recommend her and will use her again for our next real estate purchase in Portland.
— Peter Rehon

Stacy was amazing to work with. She came in staged our home and made it look great for the photos. She priced our home just right and it sold quickly. She is very professional and worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly for us and we appreciate all she did to make our sale a success.
— Keith & Sonya Dobberfuhl

Stacy has been a gracious and diligent advocate on my behalf in the home buying process. She has gone the extra mile when necessary to smooth over the inevitable obstacles and has made my transition to home ownership seem pretty easy. I would recommend Stacy without hesitation to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home!
— Greg Verges
Stacy capably handled the sale of my childhood home with professionalism, sensitivity and grace. She established a warm and respectful working relationship with my 86-year-old father, while providing helpful guidance to me and my five siblings throughout the process. There were several personalities and varied emotions to contend with, but Stacy took this in stride. As she predicted, several excellent offers came in right away, the closing process was a breeze, and my dad was thrilled and relieved. On behalf of my entire family, thank you for everything, Stacy!
— Laura Minato

We connected with Stacy completely by chance. Another agent was representing a house we wanted and suggested we use Stacy to write up the paperwork on the offer. With no certainty of representing us, Stacy acted quickly and professionally to put in an offer. She was so dialed that we decided to team with her when our offer was outbid.

Ultimately, we put in offers on four houses in this crazy Portland market, but it was Stacy who encouraged us to take another look at a house we initially passed on. She politely insisted (several times!) that we come take a look at this place. She was totally right! We loved the house and she helped us frame up a great offer, then advocated on our behalf with the listing agent to make sure repairs were made and the closing would go smoothly. Everything went flawlessly.

Stacy was simply amazing throughout the entire process. Attentive, responsive, and above all, patient! She really understood our needs and our budget and got us into a house we love in a neighborhood that fits us perfectly. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Colin & Amber O’Neill

We knew we wanted to move to Portland when my husband retired. We met Stacy at an open house and were impressed with the way in which she listened and then followed up by sending via email houses meeting the criteria we had briefly shared. She asked for our feedback on each home. By doing this repeatedly she came to know exactly what we wanted. After about six months of this we visited Portland for a conference and asked Stacy if she would show us a few homes. From her experience she said after seeing eight homes, we would know. We ended up buying the eighth home we saw! Stacy provided invaluable input into areas of Portland, asked key questions to help us decide whether a home really did meet our criteria and advised us through the entire process. Her expertise enabled us to purchase the home we wanted. There were three bids presented - Portland is a tight market. Most people I now meet tell of losing the home they wanted in a bidding war. Stacy’s insight and knowledge was critical in our getting the home we wanted. We couldn’t have done it without her. I don’t want to give away her trade secrets. Suffice it to say Stacy Butchart is knowledgeable, accessible, conscientious, thoughtful, creative and enduring. She continues to be our friend long after the closing, continues to surprise us with her thoughtfulness, resourcefulness and generosity. You would be foolish not to contract with Stacy Butchart as your realtor. I cannot count the number of times I have sung her praises. Many whom I tell our story share that their realtor did not do what Stacy did. Oh yes, she is ahead of the the others. Greatly exceeding our expectations (which is not easily done) and doing so with a finesse and style uniquely her own. What a lovely person she is. We are so very grateful we just happened to stop at the open house and meet Stacy. There are no coincidences in life - it was meant to be!
— Charlie & Melissa Webster
We had a great experience with Stacy. She really cares about her clients and makes sure they get the right place for them. She was very attentive to our wants and needs. She didn’t rush us into any decisions and made sure we were thoughtful. When there was a hiccup in our closing she kept all parties informed and came up with creative solutions to keep everything moving forward. She is wonderful to work with - wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Stacy - we are enjoying our new home!
— Ray & Stacy Delahanty

We had been renting for 4.5 years and life events worked out that we were in a good position to buy our first home. We chose Stacy because of a recommendation from our landlord and his wife. We had been good tenants and he wanted us to connect us with an agent and agency that he trusted (he deals in a lot of real estate). Stacy was personally recommended to us for her knowledge of the local market and her experience with first time home buyers. Stacy did an fantastic job of helping us find and purchase a new home. We looked at a lot of different houses at a competitive price point and she was willing to take the time on multiple weekends to tour as many listings as we could. Her knowledge of the local market and what we should expect for our price range was very helpful. When the fatigue of looking at so many houses started to set in, we were considering a house that met most of our requirements but wasn’t everything we were looking for. At that point. She discouraged us from going with a house that would not work for us and encouraged us to be patient and continue our search. She would not have been happy letting us buy a house that we didn’t absolutely want. That meant a lot to us. She mentioned early in the process that she would not be anything less than honest with us. She could have made a sale and moved on, but she kept us on the right track and in the right state of mind. Her communications and responses to questions were prompt and informative. Call, email, or text; she was there to help us. When it came time to close, she guided us through the process and offered substantive advice on how to proceed with inspection findings and price competition. Stacy worked closely with our loan officer and there was never a disconnect or miscommunication between any of the parties involved. In the end, we bought the home we wanted in the location we wanted at the price we wanted. Stacy was absolutely the reason that the process went as well as it did. We will recommend Stacy to any friends and family if/when the opportunity arises.
— Scott & Diana Mettlen

You have been awesome and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I’ve worked with many realtors over the years, including some who have clearly gone above and beyond, and you’re at the very pinnacle.
— David Allen