Heart First


I’ve been in marketing in one form or another for over 25 years. A commonly taught theory of purchasing is that consumers go through a buying process referred to as Head Heart Hand. You research and go through a discover phase first (Head), then you make an emotional connection to a product of solution (Heart), and finally you take action and make your purchase (Hand).

This is true in purchasing a home as well, though I believe the Head and Heart phases are sometimes a bit blurred, and to make the choice that’s really right for you, it’s important you continually revisit the Head to keep your Heart from taking over the entire decision-making process. Finding and buying a home is an emotional process. Of course, you want to fall in love with the house you ultimately buy, but you also need to stay rational and focused on weighing the pros and cons, longer-term considerations and meeting your true needs based on phase of life, lifestyle and your vision for the home you’d truly be happy in.


Your realtor should be a trusted ally here. Believe me, my Head (experience, knowledge and information gathering), Heart (listening, caring and client service), and Hand (presenting the best offer, working to win your home for you, attention to detail and negotiating on your behalf) are fully engaged in the process as well, for every one of my clients. I believe in giving my clients options to choose from based on their criteria, needs and desires, helping them make the best choice for the right reasons, and get those keys in their hands!

My clients would probably say I lead with my heart. I understand the importance of this decision and I want you to be happy in your new home. Because home is where the heart is.

Stacy Butchart